“From These Roots...” success

Dear Editor,

The SCCA Annual Heritage Program held at Union Memorial United Methodist Church in the Sandy Community on Aug. 14 was a great success.  

This year’s theme was “From These Roots ... Came These Dreams.” When the community was settled by ex-slaves between 1870-1875, the founders were very ambitious in their dreams to educate the children through 4th and 5th grades. Descendants have gone on to pursue a plethora of professional careers. This year’s program spotlighted four Sandy descendants with careers in the following fields: Founder of Dance Theatre; Orthopedic Surgeon; Southwest Airlines Stewardess and twin Attorneys.

Sandy descendants continue to return from Waco, Dallas, Houston and other cities and join the residents of the community to honor our Sandy ancestors.  

Many thanks to Flatt’s Stationery who has provided last minute stationery work for the program. And, we were honored to have the UMUMC Pastor give us some smooth percussions.  

Katharyn Briscoe Gray

Sandy Creek Cemetery Association