Lively colonial life on display at Old Fort Parker

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
This weekend’s Colonial Event is the first of the historic re-enactments coming to Limestone County this year, so those who go to Old Fort Parker Friday-Sunday, Feb. 10-12, will see living history, with Saturday being the main day of activity. Folks from across Texas, dressed in the manner of those living in the United States during the Colonial Period, 1754-1790, will converge on the old fort for the event.
Expected are French, Spanish and British characters as well as citizens of the American colonies, to include hunters, trappers, farmers, craftsmen, merchants, voyagers and town folk, including women of various backgrounds. Many of the re-enactors will demonstrate some of the skills needed in everyday Colonial life, such as cooking, hand sewing, leather smithing, candle making, fire building, tomahawk throwing and hunting. Also shown will be 18th-century medical equipment, firearms and a demonstration of artillery.
Another highlight will be the presence of venders selling trade blankets, memorabilia, trinkets, and reproductions of 18th-century goods.

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