County hears update on LCDC restoration

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners agreed at their March 14 meeting to pay expenses totally $42,822 to complete another building at the Limestone County Detention Center, the county-owned prison.
The county officials are monitoring the prison closely since it has the potential to bring in significant income to the county, both directly if a longterm contract can be signed with law enforcement agencies, and indirectly through high-paying jobs that would be offered for workers there.
LCDC Warden Charles Vondra gave a detailed explanation of what is needed to prepare F Building for inspection by the State Jail Commission. Those items include a new computer that controls all the electronics in the building. Vondra said LaSalle Corrections, which is the company operating the prison, sent the computer to a company to get it repaired but were told it was not fixable and would need to be replaced.
Adding to the total are replacement of the front and back doors, replacement of four landings and leveling of the building.

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