Mexia teens get to drive impaired – legally

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
A program that uses a DUI simulator to show how difficult safe driving can be while impaired was used in a presentation to Mexia Hugh School students Tuesday, April 11.
The Watch UR BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) – pronounced “Watch Your Back” – program was created by the Texas Department of Transportation, whose officers process more than their fair share of fatality wrecks caused by people driving while drunk or on drugs, especially in the spring around prom and graduation time.
The DUI simulator uses vision-distorting goggles and a drivers seat and steering wheel coordinated with a video. Students sit in the drivers seat while wearing the goggles and attempt to maneuver a video-based driving course while wearing the goggles. They generally end up “crashing” or being stopped by a police officer or in other negative circumstances.

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