Donated shoes do double duty

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Those who contributed to the LARAS House shoe drive may be gratified to know that their donation not only will help the dogs and cats at the Limestone County animal shelter but will also help people in third-world countries.
LARAS House fundraising chair Liz Hernandez explained that the shoes will be sold to a company called WoofTrax at 40 cents a pound, bringing in needed funds for the animal shelter’s expenses. WoofTrax is a company that helps people conduct various kinds of fundraisers to help fund animal shelters. Shoes collected through the drives then go to micro-enterprises in third-world countries, which produces a positive economic impact in the places where they are sent, according to the WoofTrax website (
As for LARAS House, Hernandez said that food for the dogs and cats at the facility is their greatest need. Kitty litter is also high on the list as well as cash to pay for other needed items.
This is the first time LARAS House tried the shoe drive fundraiser, she said. It ran from Feb. 15 to May 10, and involved drop-off locations not only in Mexia but also in Groesbeck, Coolidge, Wortham, Teague, Buffalo and Jewett.

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