Not for the faint hearted

By Stephen R. Farris
Mexia News Sports

The sound of clanking weights and the thud of heavy machinery tires (these are not your dad’s John Deere tires) filled the air in and around the Mexia Blackcats weight room Tuesday morning, during the first week of coach Frank Sandoval’s “True Defenders” strength and conditioning camp.
This workout is not for the faint of heart. It’s similar to that of a Camp Gladiator setting, featuring two grueling hours (breaks for water of course) of intense training through five to six different weight stations, then it’s outside to the tires … monster tires, in which athletes lift and push over back and forth, followed by some crunch-time for the abs and some ladder bar work.
Think that would be enough? Not if you’re trying to keep up with other football programs across the state that are doing the same thing right now.
Add some speed drills after that, from running step-overs (similar to the old running through tires drill) to dragging a sled some 20-30 yards and after that, it’s rest/recoup time and refueling time.

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