Street repairs, landfill complaints hot topics at City council meeting

By Timothy J. O’Malley
Managing Editor

Street repairs, the possibility of widening North Ross Street and the Mexia Landfill were the hot topics of the evening during the regular scheduled Mexia City Council meeting on July 18 at city hall.
Starting with the topic of the Mexia Landfill, in July 1994, the City of Mexia (City) entered an agreement with Browning-Ferris, Inc., (Contractor) to operate, on its behalf, the sanitary landfill, owned by the City, for the disposal of waste materials. In the agreement the Contractor paid the City a “Host Community Fee”, a percentage of the gross revenues derived by the contractor minus applicable federal, state and local fees, charges, assessments or taxes, etc. Since that time, there have been some question and concerns how the landfill has been managed with regards to treatment of Mexia residents as a result of Item 14 Consideration Subparagraph D which states the following:
Any individual residing within the City limits of the city may dispose of, and Contractor shall accept, construction and demolition debris, bulky items such as appliances (provided that any CFC’s have been properly removed) or furniture and yard waste at the Landfill free of charge: provided that such waste was generated at that individual’s primary residence and not as a result of any commercial undertaking, that such individual brings such waste to the landfill in a pickup truck, small trailer or similar utility vehicle and that such individual is able to produce, upon Contractors request, a valid, current City water utility bill and a Texas drivers license or other acceptable form of identification baring the individual’s photograph; provided further that each such individual shall be limited to one such free disposal per month, after which any further loads for the same individual shall be charged at the posted gate rate.
Fast forward to the city council meeting on June 4, 2002, an amendment to Agreement for Landfill Operation was passed…

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