Park to upgrade trash barrels to dumpsters

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners court took a step to avoid overflowing trash at a popular park at Lake Limestone, but other park problems were more difficult to address.
Road Administrator Jerry Herin, who directs the Road and Bridge Department, told the court the Sheriff’s Office has called him several times to get someone to pick up trash at Lake Limestone Park No. 3. Herin said there are not enough barrels there, but when the county installs them, the barrels often get stolen, set on fire or thrown into the lake. He asked the court to switch to using dumpsters.
The dumpsters are not intended for people to use to discard their household trash, he said, but some people use them for that purpose anyway. He suggested that if someone is caught discarding their household trash in the dumpsters they get issued a citation.
After some discussion, the commissioners agreed to pay $85 a month for a three-yard dumpster that would get emptied once a week.

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