Bring back that Blackcat Magic

By Timothy J. O’Malley
Managing Editor

While it may be said that black cats are often a symbol of bad luck in many superstitions, not all people view them this way. One group of coaches feel quite the opposite as they put on the black and crimson to return the “Blackcat Magic.”
The new Mexia Ad/head football coach, Francisco Sandoval, is in the lead to do just that. He said, “We want to bring back that Blackcat magic. It was that ‘if’ factor when people pull up and saw the bus that said Mexia ISD, look around and say, ‘Oh my, we have to play them.’ It is a matter of that natural fear that when you play us, and if you are going to beat us, it will take the whole hour for them to earn it.”
Coach Evan Simpson is starting his third year in Mexia. He said, “There is a brotherhood starting and everyone knows they all have a responsibility whether they are [on the sideline or on the field]. There is already a family atmosphere and the kids already believe in each other.”

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