Hurricane flooding impacts local fuel prices, availability

By Roxanne Thompson and Tim O’Malley
Mexia News Staff
With most of Texas’ oil refineries located along the coast and the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey there, slow-downs in oil production are rippling through the industry and causing problems for some gas stations and resuppliers that come directly from the hubs of Houston.
Much of Houston is still underwater, and the situation could worsen, with more showers falling Tuesday. Also, on Tuesday, a levy west of Houston breached, meaning flood waters were pouring uncontrolled over its top, considered quite dangerous, as the waters can damage the dam itself. The National Weather Service said earlier in the week that Houston and its suburbs could end up with as much as 50 inches of rain by the end of the week. Forecasts early Wednesday, however, gave some hope, with several days without rain forecast.
The U.S. Geological Service reported Tuesday record high flood levels at 16 locations throughout greater Houston.
The full extent of the damage is unclear, but there is already evidence of widespread losses.

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