City council to approve new budget tonight

The Mexia News Staff

The Governing Body of the City of Mexia will have a long list of agenda items to discuss and possible action to approve, accept, agree, or appoint the items to be presented. Among the 19 agenda items, one major decision is to approve the Ordinance for the adoption of the 2017 ad Valorem Tax Rate of $0.8132.
Last week the council had a public open session to discuss any of the items or the rate proposed to go into effect. No one had attended the meeting and so the process is a formality to finalize the action.
Other items to be discussed are the appointments and/or reappointments of several boards; Board of Adjustments, Building Standards Commission Board, and Planning and Zoning Board.
A note of interest will be in the discussion of Hughes City Park. During the last scheduled regular meeting, Aug. 15, the council discussed the probability to concrete the ditch that runs from Glendale to Tyler and make an eight foot walking path on both sides of the ditch. The project included park benches, lantern type lighting and commercial trash cans. The Council will discuss and possible action to agree to advertise for bids for the concrete work.
The City will discuss and possible action regarding vacant lots and building within the city.
One neighborhood will be specifically addressed with the conditions in the West Bowie area. Discussion and possible action will include street repair, street flooding,trees growing over streets, and dilapidated homes.
These are just a few items on the agenda. The meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. tonight at City Hall located at 101 N. McKinney.