Ada Connor laid to rest – Who will pick up the torch?

By Timothy J. O’Malley
Managing Editor

It is said that a good faceter (gem cutter) makes all the difference, assuming they start with a quality rough stone. It does not matter what kind of stone, whether it is precious or semi-precious. The cut is where the artistry comes in making all the difference between the ordinary, dull or brilliant work of art.
So it was with the late Mexia icon Ada Connor.
Attorney Benji Reed said, “She gave me a lot of advice, which I actually listened to. One of the many things I will miss about Judge Connor, […] when I look on the screen and the number I see is 562-3540. That is Judge Connor’s phone. She would call and ask what is going on at the school, why is this thing happening… She never really called to complain, she just wanted to be informed. […] Public education lost a true friend. […] We will miss her and we thank God for what she did for this community.”
Mexia’s mayor, Richard Duncan said, “The City of Mexia has lost a true leader that never quit. ‘Ada Gator,’ as I referred to her, served this community not only as a school board member, as a municipal judge, but also as an example for all citizens. I will miss contacting her and seeking advise not only in city/school business but in my personal life.”

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