A perfect night out

The National Night Out, held on Oct 11, was a great success even if it meant rescheduling from the rains in the previous week.
Lieutenant C.W. Boyd took the program by the reins when Mexia Chief of Police Brian Bell asked her for some help.
Boyd said, “This is my very first time to do this. Bell has been so busy with the department he asked me for help and I said okay.”
Boyd was a little concerned when the original National Night Out had to be rescheduled. She said, “When it was rescheduled I went home and cried. And while setting up there was still so much more to do. But I can see it was a great success.”
The evening was not lacking for anything. Calvary Baptist Church cooked and prepared 1,000 hot dogs, and handed out about 400 slices of pizza donated by Caesar’s Pizza.
The Boy’s Scouts had camp set up with a pit fire to allow anyone for roasted marshmallows and/or s’mores.
There was music, painting of faces, bounce houses, riding horses, and just a relaxing evening with the whole group of first responders to be one with the community.