Mexia couple recalls fall of the Berlin Wall - Part 2

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Part 2
In the previous issue, Kay and Stan Roark, of Mexia, spoke about living in Germany in November 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell. Although they saw TV coverage like many around the world, they got insight about the historic moment from the German people themselves and from going to East Germany to see the people and conditions firsthand.

For the Berlin Wall, which had appeared so permanent since 1961, to start coming down in 1989, and the gates that had appeared so firmly closed to open was a sight that mesmerized people everywhere, especially those in Germany. The American teachers were advised not to go, but some of the younger teachers went anyway on the historic occasion.
Kay wanted to go, too, but stayed back because of the warnings.
“The crowds were in the thousands coming over,” she said. “The interesting thing is, when they came over to our side on the West, they had been allowed cars, but it took 10 years that they had to wait for a car, and they were more like toy cars. The taillights were really small. Some of the East German people came over to see the West, and their cars would break down. They would just leave them to the side of the road.”
The West Germans gave the East Germans one year to get rid of those tiny cars, she said, because the vehicles were not up to standard, going only 40-50 miles an hour at top speed.

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