Mayor’s financial fears allayed over Industrial Park

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
The joint meeting Tuesday between Mexia City Council and Mexia Economic Development Corporation went far to rid city leaders of their second-thoughts over the money the EDC plans to spend on improvements at the Industrial Park intended to make construction-ready sites for new businesses.
The agenda for the meeting listed three main items:
• Possible revisions to the plans for road improvements at the Industrial Park;
• Developing ideas for improving communication between City Council and the EDC; and
• Developing planning topics for the EDC and the council for 2018;
On the first agenda item, Mayor Richard Duncan noted the council had not approved an additional 1,800 feet of new road intended to provide sites ready for construction for new businesses.
One of the items he and several council members questioned, he explained, was whether or not the additional road was necessary if the proposed sports complex, Mexia Commons, was not built after all. The price of the added road appeared excessive to him.
“My whole concern was that the EDC was going to be bankrupt,” Duncan said. “We’re going to get a road to nowhere – now granted you’re going to have some shovel-ready sites available, but did you need 1,800 feet of this? Especially since you weren’t going into the Mexia Commons.”

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