Garage sale fees may be more trouble than they’re worth

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Before Mexia city council passed on the opportunity to omit the fees from obtaining garage-sale permits, they discussed why they would even consider it and why they did not take that step.
The discussion took place at the council’s February meeting, with the idea of doing away with the fees, suggested by City Manager Eric Garretty.
In researching the ramifications of this step, Garretty discovered the fees only generate about $600 a year. Personnel must be present to issue the permit and the sign, but they are often in the field, he noted. Plus, cash-handling and issuing receipts are involved, adding to the time needed to process the request.
“Are we really getting our money’s worth off a $5 garage-sale permit, rather than simply enforcing the ordinances related to garage sales?” Garretty asked the council.

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