Road Fund divided equally between county’s precincts

County judge makes the vote unanimous despite disagreeing with process
By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Limestone County commissioners voted at their May 8 meeting to divide almost all the county’s Priority Road Fund equally by precinct, each commissioner getting $70,000, for a total of $280,000 from the $300,000 in the fund, or 93 percent of it. Three of the lists were identical in the number of roads listed and the amounts proposed to be spent on each.
The list of roads commissioners said they will repair reads as follows:
Precinct 1 – LCR 704 - $30,000; LCR 746 - $30,000; LCR 750 - $10,000
Precinct 2 – LCR 120 - $30,000; LCR 114 - $30,000; LCR 312 - $10,000
Precinct 3 – LCR 358 - $30,000; LCR 377 - $30,000; LCR 406 - $10,000
Precinct 4 – LCR 455 - $70,000
By Texas law, Limestone County is required to spend its road money as a whole county, which is called a Unit Road System, rather than by precinct, which is called a Precinct Road System, County Judge Daniel Burkeen, who is an attorney, put into each commissioner’s packet a copy of the law on the matter. He also reminded them verbally during the meeting, before the vote, they were not following the law correctly. He said they were supposed to have brought a list of proposed road repairs to court when the fiscal year began Oct. 1 and decide as a court which to repair.
“I think y’all have specific projects in each precinct to do, which work out to about $70,000 each, but it’s really not the way we should do it,” he said.
Only Precinct 4 Commissioner Bobby Forrest responded to Burkeen.

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