City continues Hughes Park renovations

By Roxanne Thompson
Improvements at Mexia’s Hughes City Park continue, with workers pouring more concrete June 5 to lengthen the walkway beside the creek.
Scott Condon, who heads the Hughes Park Committee, said Thursday that this concrete job is part of the original plan City Council made to straighten the creek as it goes through the park and line it with walkways, benches, light posts and trash receptacles.
Later, as funds become available, the plan is to extend the walkways to the street and the perimeter of the park so those who enjoy walking will have a safe, even place to walk.
For now, though, the walkway will stop short of the bridge that faces Tyler Street, the cost of which was mainly provided by the Rotary Club of Mexia. So far, the Rotarians have helped rebuild two of the park’s three bridges, and a third bridge is in the process of being rebuilt, thanks to Rotary donations.
The personalized bricks that will eventually line the pathways are a way for people to not only support the project but also a way to keep the name or message of a family, church, business or organization a part of the city and future generations for potentially many years.

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