Letters to the Editor


A "Note of Thanks" to the Community

Dear Editor,
Because of the communities’ kindness and support during the loss the of our brother, Mckenzie Jackson, we wanted to send “A Note of Thanks.”
Cornetta J. Smith


LCFA: The rest of the story

An open letter to Judge Burkeen Commissioners, and citizens of Limestone County,
After reading the letter in The Mexia News dated April, 18, I feel compelled to tell “the rest of the story for LCFA. Although I’m not a member of the board, I’ve volunteered with them for 10 years or more. LCFA is a 501(c)(3) organization formed for the purpose of providing a means for the youth of the county to raise and learn about animal management and o provide scholarship to at least one graduating senior from each high school in our county. Last year we were able to provide three scholarships to each school. LCFA is a volunteer organization and none of the board members receive any type of compensation.


Health Fair great success

Dear Editor:


Why I invested in the Texas Bullet Train

Dear Editor,


The Healing of a Nation

Dear Editor,
My friends, would you agree with me that our nation needs to be healed? The question is, “What will heal our nation?” We have such division, corruption and violence.
Can a new president heal our nation? No, he cannot heal our nation.
Can people coming together heal our nation? No, but that sounds good.
So, what will it take to heal our divided nation? It’s really simple. God can heal our nation, but even He cannot heal us until we come to Him in sincere repentance. God wanted to heal Israel too, but they rejected Him and disobeyed Him. Aren’t we the same. Haven’t we taken God out of our nation and snubbed our nose at Him, and said, “We don’t need you. We’ll do it our way.”


Final goodbyes

Dear Editor,

I retired from Mexia State Supported Living Center as the Director on April 30 after working with the state of Texas for 28 years and at Mexia SSLC for 4.5 years. During these 4.5 years at Mexia SSLC I can honesty state I have not worked with a more dedicated bunch of folks during my entire 28 years’ career with the state. I wanted to thank each and every one at Mexia SSLC and wish them a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have had a lot of current Mexia SSLC employees ask me what am I doing now after I retired. Effective Jan. 3, 2017 I will be the Executive Director at the Behavior Health Center of Nueces County, Corpus Christi. God bless and keep up the great work.


Mike Davis


From bad to worse

Dear Editor;


I would like to ask your help in reporting the deplorable road conditions on FM 2705 off of Hwy 84 at Lake Mexia. Knife River Construction has the contract to widen this road for TxDot. 

They began their work in September to widen FM 2705. They began by digging up all of the pavement on the road and creating a wider dirt road. In many places this dirt road was in very bad condition. On Wednesday of last week, they began laying a six inch layer of sand on top of the hard packed dirt road. The weather forecast were already calling for rain over the next several days. As you can imagine, this new layer of sand became quick sand on our road. It is almost impassable. 

I have called Knife River and they instructed me to call TXDot. 


Instilling a lasting legacy

Dear Editor,

I am very thankful that myself and four siblings were raised in the 1930’s and we had parents that instilled in us respect, compassion, love, an honest day’s work and to help others. Word of mouth was golden. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

As this holiday season approaches my hope is everyone will come out and support Food Drive and Toys for Tots and other programs for the less fortunate. My legacy to my children, grand children and great grand children is that they will always show love, respect and compassion for those less fortunate, the same values that were instilled of us as children.

Weita Martin



MHS receives high compliments

Dear Editor,

I am Lynda Sloan, CEO of VOICE, and I had the pleasure of visiting Mexia Independent School.

What a treat it was for me! Josh Caballero, from our agency, was teaching a drug prevention lesson in Coach Smith’s health class and I was there to observe him.

From the start to finish of my visit I was so impressed with positive atmosphere throughout your campus.

Your office employee, I didn’t get her name, was exceptionally courteous to me when I checked-in then walked with me to Coach Smith’s class.  Coach Smith was very welcoming and friendly also.

But what I was most impressed with was the students. I actually arrived at the very end of one class but I was able to see the second class in its entirety.  In both classes, the students were extremely well behaved, polite, engaged in the lesson, and very respectful of each other, Josh, Coach Smith, and me the stranger. 


Thank you for your support

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to your paper for the article about our Pt. Enterprise Soup Supper which Ms. Thompson wrote.  I’m sure it helped our attendance by a good margin.

We enjoyed a large crowd plus lots of great soups and desserts. The funds will go a long way toward keeping our little community center going for a long time.

See you at the Chili Supper in the winter!

Thanks so much also to the crowd that came out to support us, we love having you.

Helen Matthews

Pres. Pt. E Community Assoc.


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