Letters to the Editor


To deny the truth is to deny God

Dear Editor,

More and more of us see those in Washington in a lust for power and a worship of images, having this uncontrollable craving for control, but unaware of where or when they lost their reasoning, then their judgment. For they are incapable of recognizing any of it. It is like an old saying, “They must be out of their minds.”

That is so true. It is comparable to narcotics. First, you flirt with truth, and then you deny it. Then you court a lie and groom it, cultivate it and protect it. Congratulations! You’ve got your political graduation, but lost your judgment.

So you see, my fellow Americans, there are more and more of these kind of people each and every day. These people are not going to do the right thing because they are good people. You have to make them do the right thing.


Rail opponent says thanks

Thank You! Our fellow citizens whose land is under threat of confiscation by the proposed High Speed Rail would like to thank all those who have come together to oppose this unnecessary and ill-conceived project.
Thanks to the many (100) Freestone and Limestone county business owners who allowed the use of their countertops to make the petition against the rail available to the public.
Thanks also to the many (3,422) patriotic citizens who realized the unfairness of the proposed scheme and signed the petition. As Americans have done in the past, citizens have come together to defend our rights; in this case, the legal ownership of property.
Copies of this citizens petition (292 pages) were sent to 27 entities which include, but are not limited to, applicable county, state and federal elected officials as well as the state and federal Departments of Transportation.


Clinic teaches life skills

(Editor’s note: Here is a nice letter from a Trout Clinic supporter, reprinted with permission.)
To: Mexia Bass Club
Attn: Ron Talbot
Congratulations on your successful trout clinic this year. Two hundred seventy-four children attending is a great accomplishment. Some of those were some of my employees’ children and I heard from them what a great time they had.
The Mexia Bass Club is to be commended for their community work. Teaching children to fish is also one of my interests. I have many to my lake each year, who have been previously to your clinics.
I think when Jesus chose fishermen as his disciples, he chose wisely. I know the saying, that if you teach a child to fish, you will feed him for the rest of his life. You feed his spirit also that we need so much of in today's turbulent times.
I know that the 5,800 children who have attended your clinics have all left with much more than the free Zebco rod and reel.


Photo a ‘delight’

What a delight to see the picture of football players kneeling on the front page of The Mexia News! The stories of the official receiving help from so many, and then the two football teams praying together at the Wortham-Dallas Gateway game was just so wonderful to see. The ending to the story was great, too. So glad the official has lived to thank those that helped him.
As far as I'm concerned, the Wortham Bulldogs have already won the game. These young men and their coaches already know how to be victorious, and it has nothing to do with the score.
Thanks for sharing such a great story.
Debra Jo York


Thanks for everything!

The Kosse First United Methodist Church’s 35th annual Fall Bazaar was blessed with beautiful weather, fellowship and friends and a very successful day. Thanks to all of you who attended the Bazaar and to all the businesses and friends who made it possible with donations to the auctions, raffle, country store, kitchen, white elephant and craft tables and the bakers, canners, cooks, workers and the businesses that displayed our signs and to the newspaper for telling our story.
We would also like to thank auctioneer John McCarver for entertaining us as he promoted each item. The bazaar wouldn’t be possible without all of you. There are no adequate words to express our thanks and gratitude for your amazing generosity.


Mexia News Editorial: Proper treatment of history critical

History is important for reasons beyond the need to memorize facts and stories. It is important to honor the accomplishments of those before us, but every bit as important as a way to learn from our mistakes.
There has been an assault on historic “truth” in textbooks used by Texas students in recent years and another example bent truth or sugarcoated facts reared its ugly head this week.
A mother in Pearland, Texas brought attention to a passage in her son's high school geography textbook that referred to African Americans brought to the United States in the slave trade as “workers” rather than slaves. The mention was included in a chapter on immigration, further clouding the message and details of the slave trade.


Mind your little ones at games

Hello Everyone,
I certainly appreciate all of the ideas and concerns with unsupervised children at the games. To make sure that your children are safe and to cut down on the problems of children running around during the games, we are requiring that students7th grade and under be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter and attend the game. With that said, I do hope that we can work together to stop the problem of small kids running all over the place and bumping into people causing unsafe incidents to occur.
All students through 6th grade must sit with their parents at all times. 7th – 12th grade students have a student section they can sit in. Concession stand time for them will be during 2nd quarter. They must be back in their seats before half time. This will help with crowdedness at the concession stand. Any small children hanging on the fence or rails will be asked to sit down and not get back up.


Mexia News Editorial: Join in Mexia’s NNO celebration

Do you know the names and faces of the police officers and firefighters who protect the Mexia community?
Would you recognize if something was out of place or odd on your street or with your neighbor’s house? Do you know your neighbors well enough to recognize a potential problem?
There was a time in every community where the answer to all these questions was a resounding “yes”. But today, even in small communities like Mexia it is not always the case.
The Mexia Police Department wants to make sure we are all safe, comfortable and prepared for the worst and is doing so in the most entertaining way possible.
Mexia’s third-annual National Night Out celebration will take place in Hughes City Park, 600 E. Glendale, from 6-9 p.m. with plenty of activities, fun and opportunities to meet and greet neighbors and public servants.
Why not use this as an opportunity to renew old friendships, make new ones and help keep your neighborhood safe all at once?


Mexia News Editorial: Texas still failing its students

In early 2013, District Judge John Dietz ruled that the State of Texas was failing its students through an inadequate, unfair public school funding plan.
Nearly three years later, the state has not improved on that failing grade. The legislature has had two sessions since the ruling, providing an opportunity to right this wrong. The legislature put some money back into schools in 2013 and relaxed academic standards to help counter the pain felt in Texas schools. The state is now relying on the Texas Supreme Court to overrule Dietz and say all is well.
Lowering standards is not the answer, realizing the importance of investing in education is. Instead, of addressing the problem, the legislature left Texas students and educators to work through three school years under the same old bad plan.


God help us all

How can we expect God to bless America when we are allowing our government to fund Planned Parenthood who is profiting off the sale of aborted fetal parts. These revelations are deeply disturbing and does not represent my Christian values.
The series of videos that appear to show Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale and harvesting of fetal tissue are appalling. If you can watch any of these videos and not understand the value of a human life then our society is hopeless.
If abortion isn’t murder, why is it considered a “double homicide” in some states when a pregnant woman is killed? Our main problem is that we’ve forgotten as a people what makes a person and just how valuable a child’s life is. We must speak up and let our government know that profiting from the sale of aborted fetal parts is unacceptable to God and Americans.


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