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A letter titled: “What has happened?” by Gary and Sue McKinney of Mexia appeared in the Aug. 27 edition in the middle of Page 4. I would hope that all readers at least glanced at this letter, but I have my doubts.
The McKinneys correctly pointed out the apathy that has gripped America. This is not a new phenomenon. According to my late mother (B:1898, D:1992) this has been slowly building in the USA since the early 1900s. I believe I can pinpoint events that started in 1913 that contributed to this slide toward indifference to evil. Author David Barton nailed down the beginning of the modern demise of the U.S. in his 1988 statistical analysis, “America: To Pray or Not to Pray,” with 40 charts plus tables.
America “ho-hummed” and said, “Tsk, tsk, a shame” when prayer was removed from public schools in 1962 by the U.S. Supreme Court (Engel v. Vitale). Again, in 1990, the court ruled the Ten Commandments was illegal to display in schools (Stone v. Gramm).


What has happened?

What has happened to our Christian nation? If we Christians don't speak out, who will? Most of us still adhere to biblical principles and morals in our own lives and in our families, and that was once enough to maintain a moral country. However, evil has become rampant and effective and we have become apathetic. Consequently our country is now in peril. We need to recognize evil for what it is, and call it what it is. Why are we not standing up in outrage at the killing of our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world? What about the immoral actions of groups like Planned Parenthood? As stated in their 2014 annual report, they performed over 300,000 abortions last year, as well as other horrific practices recently reported. All lives matter, and we all need to speak out against the things we cannot tolerate in our country. We are all so blessed to live in the USA, but we have all been taking our country and our freedom for granted.


Mexia News Editorial: Time for Paxton to go

“I think everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”
Those were the words of Gov. Greg Abbott when asked Monday about the indictments against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.
That is a fair and true statement, though we know some people are more innocent than others until proven guilty.
The issue today shouldn't be whether Paxton is guilty in a legal sense and should go to jail. The issue today is whether he is fit to serve as the attorney for Texas. The answer to that question is no.
There should be a higher bar for serving in our highest elected legal position than whether someone is convicted of a felony. Should it really take a prison term to unseat the attorney general?
Paxton has been charged with three felony counts of securities law violations. The charges stem from a long-running saga he has already admitted to making “mistakes” over, that eventually led to criminal indictments.


Mexia News Editorial: Prepare them to succeed

Monday marks the next new beginning in the lives of our local students.
From the kindergarteners nervously entering school for the first time to the high school seniors reveling in the final year of a long journey, every student is beginning again this week.
The community stepped up for our children in May, passing the MISD bond proposal to provide much-needed repairs and maintenance for district campuses.
When we send our children off to school we do so with a backpack overloaded with supplies, new clothes and sneakers and a haircut, but those items – or the money spent – are not really what prepares them for success.
We love our children and want the best for them. We want them to succeed, have choices we did not have and achieve all they can. We do not help them with any of those by giving them things. The supplies and quality facilities are important, but not most important. We help them in life by ensuring they are prepared and educated.


Mexia News Editorial: Arlington chief makes right call

An Arlington, Texas police officer was fired Tuesday, four days after shooting and killing an unarmed teenager during an alleged robbery.
Even with details of the shooting still being sorted out, the Arlington chief's decision was the right one, and an example departments across the country should follow.
The firing was not over a white officer shooting a black teen. The firing was because the officer made poor decisions – decisions that violated department policy – leading to a deadly encounter.
We should never minimize the stress and anxiety officers must go through in the line of duty. It is something most of us will never understand. But departments have strict procedures and policies in place because of the gravity and cost of this kind of mistake.
For most of us, a mistake on the job can be irritating, embarrassing and can cause some headaches, but it rarely has the potential to result in a loss of life.


Mexia News Editorial: It starts with caring

Nothing is more important than the education of our children. We love them and have limitless hopes and dreams for their future, and all those aspirations begin with a solid education.
The message we send our children regarding our dedication to their education is critical. The emphasis we put on it is invaluable and reinforces to them how important it is.
So many things signal the coming of the first day of school, from football, volleyball and band practice, to classroom preparations, new haircuts and shopping. Mexia has developed a unique, very special way of kicking off the school year and sending that message of support to our students.
The Mexia Cares organization has come together to provide school supplies to our students, not only lightening the financial burden on families and ensuring students show up to school with the supplies they need, but sending that clear message that the education of all children is important to the community as a whole.


Mexia News Editorial: Dollars and nonsense

The 2016 presidential election is still more than 15 months away, but judging by the fundraising efforts of the laundry list of candidates, money is no object, it is the only objective.
It takes money to win an election in the United States, we should expect nothing less of our capitalist approach to all things, but the money flowing into campaigns these days is frightening.
To date, the money reported by Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton – to include the unaffiliated political action committees (PACs) formed to support them – would fund the budget of Mexia ISD for nine years. Their combined total is about $177 million.
We could pay for nine years of public education for the children of Mexia with what two candidates have raised in the early going for one election, and the money has only just begun rolling in. That is something we should all be embarrassed about and shows a true lack of proper priorities.


Mexia News Editorial: Celebrate our nation

Celebrate our nation


Mexia has nice folks

We love Mexia. No only do we have the best neighbors in the world, with Steve and Mary Johnson, Bill White has been very helpful, and we even run into very thoughtful people from Mexia while out of town.
We had a blowout between Fairfield and Palestine, and called our auto club. About that time, a Flatt’s truck was passing by going the opposite direction and stopped to ask if we needed help. I said we had called our auto club, but he turned around and came to us. In the meantime we got a call that auto-club help couldn’t get there for over two hours.
Jimbo Ingram changed our tire and wouldn’t accept payment. We found that he was related to Johnny and Bo – also nice people.
We are thankful old folks.
Butch and Jan Honeycutt


Mexia News Editorial: One job at a time

There are more than a dozen candidates now in the running for the Republican or Democratic nomination as the race for the presidency heats up. Our lives are consumed by constant campaigns and elections these days as we seem to leap from one to another.
That means politicians are always running for the next term or considering the next step in their political career. The problem, is they are often not through serving the public in their current position.
Just how much service are we getting out of these public servants as they campaign all over the country?
Five of the declared presidential candidates – Democrat Bernie Sanders, and Republicans Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham – are current U.S. Senators. Three other potential candidates – Governors Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal – clearly spend more time exploring their presidential options than governing their states.


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