Letter of Thanks to the Hwy. 84 cattle rescue ‘first responders’

Monday's flooding of the Navasota River resulted in a temporary shut down of Hwy. 84 east of CR 194 and brought out some of the best “first responders” in Limestone County! We know from first-hand experience that more than 20 volunteers showed up to help move cattle trapped by rising water.
The first call came before breakfast from the Sheriff's Office alerting us the river was out, and minutes later DPS officers Chet Seelinger and Bubba Carter were on the scene to divert traffic and help navigate swift water. We could do little more than stand by and watch the herd huddled on the pasture's far southeast corner – and then neighborly help began to arrive in pick-up trucks! Thankfully, one was pulling a boat. This crew came with experience and a willingness to save the livestock.
When the current began to ease somewhere about 2 p.m., several men waded out in almost chest-high water with canoe paddles, and eased cows though the gate where they were coaxed with range cubes across 84 and onto the higher ground of the northeast pasture.
There is no way to say enough thanks for the time and effort given over to this rescue.
These men saw a need; they volunteered. They made a difference.
Heartfelt thanks to Gerry Sunday, James Dawley, Kent Yelverton, Jon Ward, Bill Ward, Thad Haynes and Abraham Serna, whose commitment caused them to come early and stay until the job was done! Special thanks to Taylor Montgomery and Jake Goebel for the use of their boats.
Additional thanks to Colt Cadell, Floyd Kirven, David Self, Pete Kirven, Game Warden Trent Marker, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Since there were hectic hours of watching the water and people coming and going, we may have failed to name all those who came to help, but know that we are grateful!
Mary Burke
Jennifer Flowers
Janet McMillan