Graduation 2015

To the Mexia Community, Parents and Graduates of 2015
Some of you may have heard that I met with administrators on Tuesday morning and announced that we would have graduation at the SEC (Gym) on the Navarro College Campus in Corsicana. Originally, that was our backup plan if the storms or heavy rains continued. Tuesday morning, immediately after making the announcement, students from the class of 2015 came to the administration building to voice their concern and ask that graduation not be moved. I heard concerns from several students. Some even said they wouldn’t show up in Corsicana and asked what I would do if that happened. In the moment I responded that it wasn’t my graduation and asked why they would even do something like not showing up for their own graduation. My response to that was not to belittle anyone or our program but I really have never heard of anyone saying they wouldn’t show up for their own graduation because of location. In that sense, they would have been hurting themselves and that is all I meant. As I continued to listen to concerns, it became evident that the students present wanted to walk across Blackcat Field, their pride, their home. At that point I decided to leave the graduation ceremony at the Blackcat Field. What was the reasoning in the first place? Simple: Provide the students and families with a nice, comfortable air-conditioned atmosphere that holds 2,000 people, avoid the heels sinking in the ground, provide seating for all family members who might have to stand and not be able to properly see their graduate, and escape the stings from the mosquitoes and bugs flying around. We had also discussed providing transportation for those in need and I was willing to provide help with the needs of Operation Graduation since those moms would be at the graduation ceremony. Although those were my intentions, I sincerely apologize for the stress of those affected. I know that the true intentions of my heart as stated will not be truly understood and the morning of Tuesday, June 2, 2015 may not be forgotten by a lot of people; therefore, I close in saying that I will still work together with all stakeholders to continue providing an educational system in which our mission is educating all students in an enriched environment where high expectations result in excellence.
Dr. Sharon Ross
Superintendent – Mexia ISD