Mexia News Editorial: One job at a time

There are more than a dozen candidates now in the running for the Republican or Democratic nomination as the race for the presidency heats up. Our lives are consumed by constant campaigns and elections these days as we seem to leap from one to another.
That means politicians are always running for the next term or considering the next step in their political career. The problem, is they are often not through serving the public in their current position.
Just how much service are we getting out of these public servants as they campaign all over the country?
Five of the declared presidential candidates – Democrat Bernie Sanders, and Republicans Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham – are current U.S. Senators. Three other potential candidates – Governors Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal – clearly spend more time exploring their presidential options than governing their states.
There are many things we should change about our election process, but expecting these politicians to resign their current position prior to seeking another would be a great place to start. It should be all about service, not all about the next job.
It should be about participating in the Senate and leading their states rather than flying all over the country making campaign stops and fundraising.
We have lost the sense of service in politics. This change will not get it back on its own, but it would be a small step in the right direction.