What has happened?

What has happened to our Christian nation? If we Christians don't speak out, who will? Most of us still adhere to biblical principles and morals in our own lives and in our families, and that was once enough to maintain a moral country. However, evil has become rampant and effective and we have become apathetic. Consequently our country is now in peril. We need to recognize evil for what it is, and call it what it is. Why are we not standing up in outrage at the killing of our Christian brothers and sisters all over the world? What about the immoral actions of groups like Planned Parenthood? As stated in their 2014 annual report, they performed over 300,000 abortions last year, as well as other horrific practices recently reported. All lives matter, and we all need to speak out against the things we cannot tolerate in our country. We are all so blessed to live in the USA, but we have all been taking our country and our freedom for granted. If we do not wake up and become aware soon, it may be too late. We must do our best to select and support a candidate with the Christian values and morals on which our wonderful country was founded. We must be serious about our voting responsibility. We should educate ourselves on all the issues so that we will be informed voters. It is not an easy thing to learn about all the workings of our government and the electoral process, but it is a must. It is vital that we elect a person who will adhere to and uphold the Constitution as the foundation and framework that has proven to be instrumental in our success as the greatest nation on earth. God Bless the United States of America.

Gary and Sue McKinney