Dome home under construction in Mexia

By Roxanne McKnight
Staff Writer

A Mexia family is building their dream home, but it won’t have pillars, gables, tiles on the roof or many other familiar architectural details. James and Dawn McKeand are building a Monolithic Dome structure for their new home.

At first they just toyed with the idea of building a dome home, but after going to the company, Monolithic Dome Homes, in the Texas town of Italy, and touring the property, they became more serious about the idea. Then James McKeand went to a workshop to learn more about dome homes.

“That’s what really kicked it into high gear, when I actually got to get really up-close and personal with the technology,” he said.
He learned that monolithic dome structures cost less to build, are so well insulated that energy costs are slashed, can be as beautiful and comfortable as traditionally built homes, and are extremely safe in tornadoes or hurricanes.

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