Clinic teaches life skills

(Editor’s note: Here is a nice letter from a Trout Clinic supporter, reprinted with permission.)
To: Mexia Bass Club
Attn: Ron Talbot
Congratulations on your successful trout clinic this year. Two hundred seventy-four children attending is a great accomplishment. Some of those were some of my employees’ children and I heard from them what a great time they had.
The Mexia Bass Club is to be commended for their community work. Teaching children to fish is also one of my interests. I have many to my lake each year, who have been previously to your clinics.
I think when Jesus chose fishermen as his disciples, he chose wisely. I know the saying, that if you teach a child to fish, you will feed him for the rest of his life. You feed his spirit also that we need so much of in today's turbulent times.
I know that the 5,800 children who have attended your clinics have all left with much more than the free Zebco rod and reel.
Job well done for you, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and the Fort Parker State Park.
Chuck Frazier
Frazier & Frazier Industries, Inc.