Do you really want change?

Dear Editor,

You all probably talk to someone everyday that willingly share different areas in which change is need. But when you think about the ones in charge of: hiring and firing, raising your taxes, raising your water bill, owning the only business of it’s type in town, controlling the paper ballot so the same people can keep anyone else from getting in on all the legal ways to steal and be safe from all the laws.

Do you really want change? This brings three questions to consider:

1. What do we all need to do to help change be good?

2. Do you want better than good for all the people?

3. Do you feel that the same families/friends should be able to fraudulently deceive/steal or continue to fix voting with paper ballots, and hiring practices in all areas of counties and cities/towns in these United States?

Do you really want change?

Look closely at our children. When they are three and four years old they fight, they play, they laugh together about anything. God’s love is shown in our children daily.

Now, take second look at our children after us parents has had them for 20-25 years. They fight, they love, they see the different color of skin and family beliefs that we instill in them.

Then we have confused them. They hate, they love, they remember, they see, hear, they act. They hurt and are even killed.

But God’s love causes them to remember the good times as children, when parent’s foolishness could not separate the love they had for one another. So they are deeply hurt together. They cry. They comfort one another. They comfort one another’s mom and dad. They were the one’s God had entrusted them with their friend and dear loved one. That’s holiness with power and authority. And when we think things over, God calls us to live holy because He is holy. Then we can all see good in changes, better when each county can say we do not steal the people’s vote with paper ballots, because Coolidge is the only town in our Limestone County who will not use anything but paper ballots.

Do you really want change?

Change will always come with what you do daily.


Rev. Gerald Dewey Henderson (I)