A formal plea

Dear Editors,

The Moon brothers are coming up for parole review again, and my office has filed formal protests against their release with the Office of Pardons and Parole. I know that the victim and her family  would appreciate your help in spreading the news and requesting that all concerned Limestone County citizens either write or email a letter to the board of pardons and parole and protest the release of these two violent felons. I will have a protest petition in my office that concerned citizens may stop by to sign, which will be mailed to the Board of Pardons and Parole.  The victim’s family has told me they also intend to circulate petitions at various locations in the community.

Since the two brothers are about a month apart on their parole hearings, it will be better just to do one article and have one letter writing/email campaign to deny their parole. They are a couple of notorious criminals who committed a very heinous sexual assault of a young Limestone County female back in the 80s. 

What You Can Do!

Please send an  e-mail below or write letters of protest against the parole of the Moon brothers.

Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles

Texas Department Criminal Justice

Victims Services

P.O. Box 13401, Capital Station

Austin, Texas 78711

Fax # 512/452-0825

E-mail to: victim.svc@tdcj.state.tx.us


Please send copies of your written protests to my office at County Attorney Roy DeFriend,  200 West State Street, Suite 110, Groesbeck, TX  76642 so that we can send them to the victim. I know they will be a source of great comfort to her.  Thank you for helping to make our community a safer place.


My sincere thanks,

Roy DeFriend

County Attorney


P.S. Sample letter may be attained by contacting  County Attorney Roy DeFriend