The pursuit of international peace

Dear Editor,

The results of military operations by the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations in recent decades should motivate the government to pursue plans for more peaceful international relationships.

The United States is one of more than 200 nations here on planet earth. The population of China is four times larger than the population of The United States. The population of the world is 20 times more than the populations of the United States.

Policing the aggressive war bound nations should be the responsibility of many peaceful nations. Developing more peaceful relationships among the nations is a challenging need and strong leadership is essential. The United States should work cooperatively with nations that have acceptable goals to develop alliances that are committed to peace. Since participation in alliance activities is voluntary, vetoes as used in the United Nations organization would not be used by alliance members.

The United States should continue to maintain superior military forces and intelligence services as they work in harmony with other nations to form alliances that are dedicated to peace. They could begin by coordinating diplomatic and educational efforts that are focused on nations that are a threat to peace. If diplomatic and educational efforts fail to produce more satisfactory conduct, then the allied nations would initiate sanctions. They would proceed to reduce trading  in goods and services.

If diplomacy, education, and sanctions does not move the war inclined nation to more peaceful conduct, the allied nations would begin a safe well orchestrated movement of Air Forces, Naval Forces, and Ground Forces to more strategic locations in areas close to the belligerent nation. Then efforts would be made to determine if the offending nation’s leaders would be interested in discussing a peaceful solution to problems. 

The patient, judicious use of these procedures by unified allies for the purpose of promoting peace could help to prevent many wars.

Launching a war should be an absolute last resort.


Dale Brown