MHS receives high compliments

Dear Editor,

I am Lynda Sloan, CEO of VOICE, and I had the pleasure of visiting Mexia Independent School.

What a treat it was for me! Josh Caballero, from our agency, was teaching a drug prevention lesson in Coach Smith’s health class and I was there to observe him.

From the start to finish of my visit I was so impressed with positive atmosphere throughout your campus.

Your office employee, I didn’t get her name, was exceptionally courteous to me when I checked-in then walked with me to Coach Smith’s class.  Coach Smith was very welcoming and friendly also.

But what I was most impressed with was the students. I actually arrived at the very end of one class but I was able to see the second class in its entirety.  In both classes, the students were extremely well behaved, polite, engaged in the lesson, and very respectful of each other, Josh, Coach Smith, and me the stranger. 

I have visited numerous high school campuses within our 19 county service area and I have never felt compelled to send a note of gratitude to the campus administrator concerning my visit.

You are to be commended for the positive atmosphere you have created on your campus. Whatever you are doing, keep it up because it is obvious that learning is a priority for your students and they appreciate it.

I know that creating this type of learning culture does not come about by accident, especially on the high school level, so I applaud you and your staff for your efforts in achieving this level of success. 

Thank you for allowing VOICE to be a part of your program!

Kindest regards,

Lynda Sloan

Chief Executive Officer