From bad to worse

Dear Editor;


I would like to ask your help in reporting the deplorable road conditions on FM 2705 off of Hwy 84 at Lake Mexia. Knife River Construction has the contract to widen this road for TxDot. 

They began their work in September to widen FM 2705. They began by digging up all of the pavement on the road and creating a wider dirt road. In many places this dirt road was in very bad condition. On Wednesday of last week, they began laying a six inch layer of sand on top of the hard packed dirt road. The weather forecast were already calling for rain over the next several days. As you can imagine, this new layer of sand became quick sand on our road. It is almost impassable. 

I have called Knife River and they instructed me to call TXDot. 

I called TXDot and they told me to call Danny Burnett, the inspector for this area. I made several calls to his number (254-221-2383) and they went straight to voice mail. I have left unanswered messages. 

I am truly worried that someone is going to  be seriously injured while trying to travel FM 2705. When dry the road is very “loose” and you can fish tail at speeds of 20 mph. When wet it is very dangerous! Those of us who have to travel this road deserve answers to our questions. If TXDot will not speak with John Q Public, maybe they will answer questions from our local paper.


Thank you,

Deanna Hutchason 



P.S. I did hear back from the TxDot Inspector, Danny Burnett.  He was not too helpful. He said he was aware of the state of the road and that he had instructed Knife River to make it better.