Scouting enlarged life

I am writing this letter to earn the next rank in Boy Scouts, which is Life. I have been to a lot of places that kids dream about.
I’ve been to the Davis Mountains where there is a camp that has a spring-fed pool that stays 65 degrees in the day. I have stayed on Lake Bridgeport for a week.

I’ve seen the Vicksburg Battlefield, where we walked 5 miles of the 14 – because we were just too tired to finish the rest of the way. It was cool seeing a big part of our history.

For any kid who wants to join our troop, we meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 in the building across from the hospital. They can come and just experience what we do and if they like what we do, then they can come back and join the troop for good!

Nathan Webb
Boy Scout troop 70