United States leadership needed for peace

Dear Editor:
There are more than 200 nations in our world and wars between and within nations are always raging. A more peaceful world could be developed if alliances of nations that share core values would take unified action to promote peace. The. United States should be a leader in this endeavor and they would be more influential from a position of strength. Therefore, the United States should continue to develop superior intelligence services and superior military forces.
Cooperating nations that are committed to influencing the people of the world to live at peace could use advanced communications technologies to provide reliable information to people of many languages. Unified diplomatic efforts for peace would be more effective if nations worked together.
The United States and many other nations are resourceful enough to lend a helping hand to welcoming nations where there is great need. Programs to improve health care, education, and agricultural production could be established to help poor nations.
When nations and radical groups are an unacceptable threat to the safety of others, the unified application of economic sanctions by cooperating nations would be helpful in influencing the conduct of the offenders. The war inclined nations and radical groups could be moved to seek peaceful resolutions if surrounded by massive military forces from several peace seeking allied nations.
The United States should be a leader in promoting peaceful international relationships. War should be an absolute last choice.
Dale Brown