E-911 service now up in Limestone County

By Roxanne Thompson
Staff Writer
Residents of Limestone County who call 911 from their cell phones should be more easily located through Enhanced 911 service.
The service has become operational in Limestone County but whether it has helped anyone yet is unclear.
County Judge Daniel Burkeen asked Sheriff Dennis Wilson at the commissioners court’s Oct. 10 meeting whether the Dispatch Department had received any calls through the E-911 service.
Wilson answered by saying there had been no issues as far as he knew.
“I hope they’re using it,” Wilson said. “It would be a great tool. But it is up and going. AT&T is there almost daily, making sure we are the hub for that, and making sure there are no issues with what’s going on with it. It’s one of the deals that’s going to have to grow on the public, to make sure they know that service is out there. As far as on our end, everything is up and going 100 percent.”

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