It does not add up

Dear Editor,
Upon reading the article of Mr. Klosterman’s resignation in the newspaper dated 11/4/2017 (Saturday) I was anesthetized by the remark, “I’ve seen a drastic change in our school district in the last year and a half and I fully trust that the board and administration will keep going in the right direction”
I am wondering what that comment really means. I attend most school board meetings and I have not seen anything but personnel change and school board member’s change. Does that constitute “drastic” change as being one of a positive and productive climate or one of looking back at old times of Mexia “Good old days”?
If productiveness is included in that remark, it speaks to more than just the last year and a half. It should include the time when Mexia Independent School District began to see the state test scores change to reflect a better state report card. That did not just happen in the last year and it certainly was not instant by any means and should not be accredited to the current board primarily or the new administrators.
Renee Turner