All seven amendments passed

By Timothy J. O’Malley
Managing Editor

Results of the Nov. 7 Constitutional Amendment election showed that Texas voters agreed to add seven amendments to the state’s constitution.
Texans were very much in favor, 85 percent, of Proposition 1 authorizing property tax exemptions for certain partially disabled veterans or their surviving spouses whose homes were donated to them by charity for less than market value. Limestone County fell in line with the state vote with 85.1 percent for; 14.99 percent against.
Proposition 2 will trim regulations concerning how much Texans can borrow through home equity loans. While concerns may raise costs for borrowers and remove several important consumer protections that have worked for borrowers and lenders, 69 percent of the voters were in favor of the amendment. Limestone voted in favor of by 73.41 percent. However, 47.83 percent of LC Precincts 202, 304, 403, 405 and 406 were against this amendment.
Proposition 3 amendment will eliminate “holdover” appointments by removing officeholders from their positions at the conclusion of their term rather than allowing them to stay on until their position has been filled through appointment. This amendment will limit the amount of time a governor’s appointee can serve and would address concerns about some gubernatorial appointees being held over in their positions long after their terms have expired. The existing law allows flexibility for appointees to continue serving until qualified replacements are found. This amendment could result in many important appointed positions remaining vacant if a qualified replacement is not found within a certain time frame.

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