Editorial: We should simply be resolute

It is that time of year when we all toy with the idea of New Years resolutions.

Will we resolve to diet and exercise more, stop smoking, save money, work harder or call home more often?

Resolutions are as plentiful as the people who make them and often fade as we settle into the grind of the new year. Perhaps, though, we do not give ourselves enough opportunity to succeed with these plans to better ourselves. If for months we have done nothing to curb our sweet tooth and chosen not to exercise at all, then a new diet void of cake, cookies, fried food and soft drinks and a strict workout regimen seem awfully unrealistic.

We are a goal-oriented society, and without specific milestones to reach we often flounder, but if we simplified our plans we might find more success every day. What if your goal was better your life every day?

Today you skip the pancakes and enjoy an apple instead. Tomorrow you save your lunch money in a jar and take a sack lunch to work. If you put in one extra hour of work each week, while carving out extra time for family and friends when the opportunity arises you slowly begin to establish a new pattern.

It is about making changes in life, not so much about how quickly you can make them.

If we are more resolute in life about the things we want to accomplish we will find more success, but that never comes quickly or easily or without setbacks. We are an instant gratification society, but rarely do we achieve anything of significance so easily.

Make choices that lead you down that path. Exercise when the opportunity arises, eat better, spend less and be more productive little ways you can build on. We did not create the habits we want so badly to change over night and make them stick, we did so over time. Changing them requires us to be most resolute in our patience and persistence in 2014.